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Grease Monkey - Denver #38

2890 Colorado Blvd,  Denver,  CO 80207
(303) 320-6810


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Richard B.
Denver, CO
11/21/2015 10:13 PM ETZ
" Knowledgeable, honest, personable & friendly. "

Linda D.
Denver, CO
11/13/2015 12:08 PM ETZ
" Friendly, intelligent, nice waiting area, popcorn & coffee/water. Quick service. The techs were very helpful and sharp. "

Beth T.
Denver, CO
11/13/2015 12:01 PM ETZ
" If I could, I would give Grease Monkey #38 TEN stars instead of five.About a month ago, I got my oil changed at this shop. I was wary because I have heard, read and experienced that often an oil change at a franchise would result in a long, expensive list of "urgent problems" with my car. I'm currently unemployed and essentially flat broke, so the oil change was the extent of my car-maintenance financial expenditures for a while. I even told the gentlemen who checked me in, to please not even LOOK at anything else in the engine since I won't be able to fix it. He laughed and happily obliged.The folks who work in this shop are unbelievably nice and the customer service is beyond top-notch.Yesterday I ran an errand not far from home, and after pulling up in front of my house, I noticed that my right front tire was flat, complete with some obnoxious orange thumb-tack-looking thing stuck in it. Grrrr.I knew I had made several recent short trips on that tire, and I did not want to drive on the flat for a inch further than necessary. Grease Monkey #38 is about a block away, so I called the shop and asked a very nice gentleman named Don (or Donald) if they could possibly change my tire and put the spare on. He said he absolutely could, and to come on over, which I did. Don was SO nice, and explained that he'd put the doughnut spare on a rear tire and put a rear tire where the flat was, for safety purposes.The tire was changed in no time, and he REFUSED TO ACCEPT MONEY. I told him I insisted on paying them, so Don grabbed his manager, Cotton (with whom I had dealt the month before with the oil change) who said he would not accept money.It's pretty rare to find any kind of service-related business who provides this level of customer service. Grease Monkey #38 is a block away from home, but even if I move elsewhere, this shop has a customer for LIFE!(Also they have popcorn, and dog cookies, whoop!)Thank you Don and Cotton! "

Chris C.
Denver, CO
11/3/2015 6:04 PM ETZ
" Quick; friendly. "

Elizabeth M.
Denver, CO
10/10/2015 5:36 PM ETZ
" It's quick and the employees are nice! "

Janet S.
Denver, CO
10/9/2015 5:33 PM ETZ
" Very friendly, and nice. Thank you for being there "

Michael N.
Denver, CO
9/28/2015 4:11 PM ETZ
" Quick and efficient service. No hard sell. Clean spacious waiting room. "

Judy R.
Denver, CO
9/19/2015 3:10 PM ETZ
" fast, good location, friendly associates "

Kenneth B.
Denver, CO
9/16/2015 3:02 PM ETZ
" Very friendly and knowledgeable techs. I was very impressed with the time taken to explain any problems and the speed with which the issue was resolved. "

Allissa P.
Denver, CO
9/8/2015 1:26 PM ETZ
" Everyone is always nice, efficient, and you vacuum my car. "

Tess V.
Denver, CO
6/2/2015 4:30 PM ETZ
" Great job! My favorite location in Denver! "

Sarah R.
Denver, CO
5/2/2015 7:57 PM ETZ
" I think the employees at this Grease monkey are exceptional - they are knowledgable, kind, efficient, and more than pleasant. As a woman with less than stellar understanding of vehicle maintenance, I trust them to guide me in the right direction and make good recommendations. Always a nice visit! "

Maddie Mae R. (Yelp Reviewer)
Denver, CO
3/31/2015 8:37 AM ETZ
" This Grease Monkey is awesome. The staff is extremely helpful and went above and beyond to help me figure out what services I need. They called my previous service center and went over records, printed my service recommendations from my dealer and went through my service manual with me to make sure I knew at what mileage I needed to get what done. I honestly have never had a better experience and I will most certainly be coming back! "

Brandie Richey
Denver, CO
1/15/2015 10:34 PM ETZ
" I needed my battery checked and after being told by AAA it would be more that 90 minutes before they could get to my house.  I called grease monkey and got Terry on the phone and he agreed to see me before they were open for the morning.  I had just finished a 12 hour night shift and needed to get to bed asap.  Battery was dead.  What a nice thing to do!!  It wasn't much but meant a lot to me!
Thanks again. "

Monica C. (Yelp User)
Denver, CO
3/4/2013 4:22 PM ETZ
" Went here last week due to their good reviews on Yelp. Twas a smart move for me & of course, my automobile ;). They recommended what was needed based on the mileage so they didn't try to force me to get something else done. What I really liked is that, for the first time ever in the history of oil changes I've had, they actually SHOWED me the air filter & recommended I get 1. Of course, I did. It was quick service. Even enjoyed their free popcorn, too. I'd like to say they were sweet guys as well as great mechanic's 'cause they left 2 pink carnations in the car. :) Aaww... who knew that flowers & oil changes go good together? Even if I don't get them the 2nd time around, this will remain to be "My Oil Changing Station." (That is, as long as I live in Colorado.) :) "

Philip L. (Yelp User)
Denver, CO
1/23/2013 4:19 PM ETZ
" Free popcorn, fast service, great prices, honesty. I highly recommend them! "

Dan H. (Yelp User)
Denver, CO
11/18/2012 4:18 PM ETZ
" I go here regularly for oil changes, and scheduled mainenance. The staff is well trained, They recommend what they think might be needed, and don't hard sell. What more could I want in basic vehicle maintenace? I think they do a very good job. "

Kaytie L. (Yelp User)
Denver, CO
" Great customer service and fast! They tell you about other recommendations but don't push you into it. I come here for all my oil changes, etc. and haven't been disappointed! "

SR (Google User)
Denver, CO
" Solid group of guys here! The manager, Mark, treats his employees great and it shows! I am a white water raft guide in Glenwood Springs, Mark brings his employees rafting with me every year. We always have a great time and I look forward to thier visit every year! I would trust this group with my vehicle any day! "


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